Building Culture in Northern Michigan

Ausable Artisan Village is an arts & events destination and resource for all ages in downtown Grayling. AAV currently offers:

  • A retail art gallery with 40+ artists
  • A stage for concerts & live performances
  • Classes & workshops for all ages and skill levels

Our Story

AuSable Artisan Village of Grayling, MI is a non-profit art center, established in 2010. The once damaged building on Michigan Ave. had been sitting vacant for 10 years, and establishing the gallery marked a major development in the revitalization of downtown Grayling.

AAV is almost entirely volunteer-run.



The Team

Our Leadership

Terry Dickinson, Interim Executive Director

“We want people to have an experience, we want them to have access to affordable art, and all types of mediums.

We want people to bring their kids in to see that pottery and painting are art, but so are music and dance. We’re trying to give that breadth of culture and performance.

What I really want to see [the organization] be is a foundation where people can come and enjoy the community, build a community, and for Grayling to prosper.”


Board of Directors

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Board Chair: Andrea Hentschel
Vice-Chair: Clay Horton
Treasurer: Nancy Hatfield
Secretary: Susan Thiel
Members at large:
Kemmoree Duncombe, JoMarie Leone, Shawn Witherspoon, Randi Dodgson