About The Artist

Clare has been involved in the arts for over 30 years. In the 1980's, she owned a gallery in Southwest Michigan, and has explored painting, metal, stained glass and lapidary work.

Her interest in jewelry was sparked in the early 2000's, but was stagnant due to lack of access to supplies. In 2019, she purchased the equipment for the Precious Metal Clay process, and now creates unique sliver jewelry art, including silver necklaces, bracelets & cuffs, and earrings. Clare's pieces feature unique designs of animals, insects & nature, while others explore decorative patterns and shapes. She also harvests Michigan Petoskey stones, Leeland blue stones, and Fordite, which are often incorporated as pendants and charms in her additional collection of jewelry work. Stone grinding and polishing are key to the process of the pieces.

Clare's introductory jewelry class, Intro To Precious Metal Clay, has been a staple class in the AuSable Artisan Village programming, where students design and fire their own silver necklace from clay.

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