About The Artist

I was raised on a farm in Southern Michigan and have always been creative. I was taught that you can do anything;  just try it, work hard and it will turn out.

My husband and I made silver and stone jewelry in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Neil did the silver work, while I made the stone cabs for the pieces. I began beading because of the colors and textures of the beads, but felt I needed something else. That’s when I found wire wrap jewelry. Wire wrap and stone blended well for me, since I have always collected stones and shells from our numerous trips in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Wire wrap is all about structure. The wire contains the stone. It shouldn’t over-power it. The trick is to achieve balance while showing off the beauty of the stone and the flow of the wire. Then I learned the Viking weave- yards of fine wire wrapped around larger wires, and the Viking knit- wire knitted around a dowel rod and pulled through a series of holes in a board. I am currently working on copper cold form around stone. I find my work relaxing and almost hate to see a piece finished. My goal is to make pieces that are timeless.

Being at AuSable Artisan Village has given me a community of friends with a common interest. There is so much creativity flowing through the gallery that I am always challenged to improve my skills.

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