About The Artist

Teri Rounds is a self-taught watercolor artist from Boyne City, MI. Rounds is a member of the Boyne Arts Collective, Crooked Tree Art Center, Charlevoix Circle of Arts and AuSable Artisan Village.

From the editor:

Teri Rounds explores the landscape via illustrative watercolor painting, incorporating architecture of unknown rural communities. Rounds creates a world where seemingly every day is 72 degrees, lightly cloudy with a light breeze. The white of the paper and saturated hues generate a pleasant and warming glow. Dancing, gestural line work compliments the organic forms of the landscapes, and also serve as loose guidelines for hosting pools of representative and interpretive color. These formal qualities fittingly create a relaxed and care-free feel. Her pictures routinely use an overlook style one-point perspective, displaying buildings and communities from a distance, yet the inhabitants are always distinctly absent. Perhaps everyone is at church or a community picnic, or perhaps the viewer is gazing upon the remains of a lifestyle past- dreaming of a return to simpler times.

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