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As an artist who is inspired by nature, I try to bring an appreciation and enjoyment of the natural world to those who see my work. The colors, textures and movement, the organic, unpredictable flow and the interplay of these forces are what I would like to express through my art.

I have worked in various different mediums, butI find that alcohol inks are the best medium for me for expressing the ever-changing awe that nature represents. The inks take on a life of their own that defies control in some cases, as does nature. I use mixed media as well to achieve the feeling that I would like to convey. My aim is not to reproduce a nature scene, but to bring the viewer into the art and make them part of the interplay of color and form, creating new and exciting visual effects and moods.

Sue lives in Bloomfield Hills and spends much of her time at her cottage near Higgins Lake, MI. Sue’s work has been in several shows and has won honors, including 6 first place awards in the South Oakland Artists Association’s monthly artist competitions, and an Artist of the Year award in abstract category, 2016-2017.