Celebrate with us over Memorial Day weekend!
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Gits & Shiggles

Improv comedy night with the Gits & Shiggles crew. RSVP Now >

Members Party

Debut community theatre performance & a toast to 10 years. Members RSVP >

Gallery Day

Artists work in the gallery, debut artwork, and 10% of sales go to charity! Learn More >

Family Jam

Four artists, five sets - a special outdoor event. Games, raffle & drinks. Learn More >

$10,000 For Artists
The third annual Art Explosion is coming!
Artists - registration is now open through July 15.
Visitors - see what's in store for 2021.
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My name is
Tammy Whitley
Ken Wright & Clare Spaulding
Mark & Alice Snyder
Clif & Linda Schultz
Melvyn & Claire Rettenmund
Terry Pratt
Sally Phillips
JoAnne Neil
Mike Monroe & Candace Henig-Monroe
Hank & Terri Milius
Sandra & Ken Michalik
Maureen McNamara
Carol McClellan
Mark Hansen & Nancy J. Lemmen
Gary & Kathleen Kramer
Dave & Elaine Jansen
Joe & Betsy Hemming
Nancy L. & Jim Hatfield
Scott Foster
MaryAnn Ferrigan
Judy & Dale Clyma
Mitch & Libby Cheney
Rev. Elizabeth Chace
Jeff Caverly
Louise Borkowski
Eddie Blaha
Betty Bennett
Tim Ash
Patti Quinlan
Dave & Jan Weissenborn
Jan Reed
Linda Stephens
Koreen Pray
Jennifer Krausman
Ruth & Mike Hankins
Lauri Frederick
Gerry & Laura Fournier
Irene Borak
Barry & Lee Ann McGinnis
Anthony Neal
Ande Hentschel
Susan Thiel
Monte Burmeister
Kemmoree Duncombe
Sandy Moore
Clay Horton
Jomarie Leone
Bea Patrick
Kathy Ellison
and I'm creating the future
for the arts in Northern MI.
What's your name?

ONWARD Patronicity Donors

Linda Stephens
John & Therese Chott
Sue & Mark McInally
John & Barbara Whittaker
Pauline Hatfield
Wayne & Rosemary Nelson
Pam Meland
Terry Dickinson
MaryAnn Ferrigan
Susan Thiel
Lauri Frederick
Charlotte Bloomquist
Jayne Jewart
Carol Feider
Linda Cline
Teri Rounds
Jean Schwalm
Winefred Nettles
Helen Olson
Karen Harrison
Suzanne Rieder
Carol McClellan
Harry Welsch
Christine White
Ann Melling-Crawford
Abigail Ertel
KD Wright
Ann Feldhauser
Valerie Wheeler
Elizabeth M Chace
Patricia O'Connor
Karen Hatch
Judy Jashinsky
Susan George
Bridget Harland
Lynn & Gary McConnell
Carol Levine
Janet Bersted
Ruth Hankins
Deborah Glicker
Dru Chiesa
Jeff & Michele Steffey
Jacob Bondar
Shannon Stutler
Marjorie Warner
Roberta Werle
Scott Foster
Full list of 2020 donors on our donation page.

Pandemic First Responder Donors

Christine Donovan
Nancy Cornett
Susan Ellis
Paul Lerg
Janet Reed
Elizabeth Chace
Paul Crandall
Kevin Jansen
Elizabeth Chaney
Carole Chilton
Shirley Curriston
Abigail Ertel
Susan Horvat
Mary Neal
Jake Allen
Mary Gephart
Wendy Gould
Sandra Michalik
Terry Pratt
Claudia Selthoffer
Shannon Sorenson
Michelle Soubly-Jackson
Paul & Judi Mesack
Full list of 2020 donors on our donation page.

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Friends of AAV

Atlas Tower
Comfort Center
Dharma Records
DuBois Lumber
Grayling Photographic Society
Grayling Promotional Association
Grayling Restaurant
Grayling Visitors Bureau
Hart Buick GMC
Jack Millikin, Inc.
Kabinetree Koncepts
Katie Olson Agency
Kirtland Community College
Main Branch Gallery
McLean's Ace Hardware
The Medicine Shoppe
Michelle Gurzynski - Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors
Michigan Wood Pellet
Paddle Hard Brewing Co.
Spike's Keg O' Nails
Two River Deli
WL Snow Enterprises
World of Floors
XPress Copy
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Special thanks to Sarah Lindauer, whose unparalleled support has helped us be where we are today, and will help us grow and thrive into the future, in memory of Tina Foster. ‚ô•ÔłŹ
We're creating the future for the arts in Northern Michigan. Join us!
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