The Team

Our Leadership

Terry Dickinson, Interim Executive Director

“We want people to have an experience, we want them to have access to affordable art, and all types of mediums.

We want people to bring their kids in to see that pottery and painting are art, but so are music and dance. We’re trying to give that breadth of culture and performance.

What I really want to see [the organization] be is a foundation where people can come and enjoy the community, build a community, and for Grayling to prosper.”

Radel Rosin, Assistant Director

Radel is one-half of the popular local duo, Oh Brother Big Sister.

Rosin’s roots run deep. He is a fifth generation Crawford County resident who was raised in a family of very talented musicians.

“I began performing at a young age with my father, aunts, sister and cousins, and my love of music quickly became my lifelong passion”.

“I feel I have a great grasp on what is needed at the “Ausable Artisan Village” and I’m deeply inspired to see what I can accomplish. I believe there is so much to be offered within the organization, and I will love bringing more art and culture to a community that hungers for it.”

Current Board of Directors

Board Chair: Colby Chilcote
Vice-Chair: Clay Horton
Treasurer: Nancy Hatfield
Secretary: Jillian Tremonti
Colby Chilcote, Board President: The board president supervises the Executive Director and provides guidance and
support. The Executive Director seeks advice and counsel from the board president in
the event of high-profile issues or problems. The board president is responsible for
ensuring the communication board members in organization progress on activities,
goals, and policies. Colby also serves on the building expansion and the
promotion and branding committees and assists with our website development
and social media outreach. She has a master of fine arts degree from Notre
Dame University and is the owner/director of an independent marketing
consulting business. She was the marketing and development director for Huron
Pines, a nonprofit committed to the preservation of Northern Michigan’s natural resources, and
she was a partner manager in small business marketing at Google.
Clay Horton, Vice-President: Under the direction of the president and
executive director, the vice president manages staff and volunteers and the day-
to-day activities of the organization. This includes developing responsibilities for
the staff and volunteers to ensure the organization accomplishes the tasks
necessary to meet its overall goals. Horton holds a Master’s Degree and taught
at Kirtland Community College for more than thirty years. During the last few
years of service, he worked closely with the president, Dr Quinn, to advance the mission of the
college. He specialized in business, marketing, and IT network systems. He is now retired.
Nancy Hatfield, Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for financial
oversite of the organization and serves on the finance/budget committee
which, annually, submits a budget for the upcoming fiscal year and monitors
the income and expenditures to ensure compliance with the approved
budget. The treasurer also monitors the cash sales and deposits to avoid fraud or theft. Hatfield
is an AAV artist, gallery volunteer and retired administrative professional with the Grayling
Public School system.
Jillian Tremonti, Board Secretary: The secretary not only records the actions of the
board but also organizes the essential documents of the organization so that
they are readily available in both hard copy and e-copy.  Native to metro Detroit, Jillian has called the Grayling community home since 2011. A seasoned professional dancer, Jillian has dedicated herself to the art form since the tender age of 2, amassing 15 years of experience in competitions and performances. Her academic pursuits led her to achieve a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Dance from MSU. Beyond her performing career, Jillian has been a dance instructor, national dance adjudicator, and the proud owner of her own dance studio. Beyond dance, she has devoted two decades to working with non-profit agencies, currently lending her expertise as a Promotions Specialist at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Jillian finds joy in her role as a devoted mother to her two sons, Jonas and Max. A music enthusiast, she savors moments spent listening to and attending live music events with cherished friends.
Susan Thiel, Board Member: Thiel has a B.S. degree
in forestry and an M.B.A. with dual concentrations in human resources and materials
and logistics management. She is retired from a career in human resources and
management with the State Forestry Department of Natural Resources. Susan is a detailed
person and has spent countless hours organizing AAV’s records, which ensures that the board is
well informed and able move forward to achieve its goals.
Jomarie Leone, Board Member: Jomarie serves on the finance/budget,
performing arts, nominating and promo/branding committees. She has a master
of arts degree in theatre Studies from Regent University and a bachelor of
science degree in journalism from Arizona State University. She organizes our
performing arts events and community theater program. In 2020 she retired from Kirtland
Community College where she served as the community theater coordinator and is
currently a radio personality with Blarney Stone Broadcasting; she also oversees
broadcasting content and talent management for eight radio personalities and is tasked
with engaging, facilitating, and retaining industry-leading talent.
Randi Dodgson, Board Member: Randi serves on the membership, building
expansion and building maintenance committees. She holds a BFA in product
design from the College for Creative Studies and is currently working towards a master of
science in sustainable bioproducts from Michigan Technological University (to be completed in
2025). Randi is a full-time instructor at Kirtland Community College in its Wood Science
Technology Program and also teaches several courses in digital art. She has experience at as an
industrial designer and rendering artist, specializing in contract furniture.
Paige Galbraith, Board Member: Paige is a visual artist and works as a full-time graphic designer at Xpress Copy Center in Grayling. She has been involved in Grayling’s visual arts community since she began working as a Lab Aide in the Art Department at Kirtland Community College, where she will be leaving with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design and an Associates Degree in Fine Art and Illustration in May of 2024.
Mary Bobenmoyer, Board Member: Born and raised in Grayling, graduated from Grayling High School, moved to Seattle where she received training as a pastry chef at the Art Institute of Seattle. Mary worked in bakeries and restaurants in Seattle, Grand Rapids, Chicago, and, for the majority of her adult life, Portland, OR. She also received a B.A. in English Literature from Portland State University. “I Moved back to my home town to not only enjoy the quiet, peaceful beauty of northern Michigan but to feel like I belong to a community”. Since moving back to Grayling, Mary’s involvement with the AAV Community Theater and Artisan Village Organization, has provided her with a sense of community.