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Carole Meier is an artist of 30 years working primarily in clay, living in both Florida and Grayling, MI.

The designs and ideas I have chosen are modern themes or subjects I simply find interesting. I use a stoneware clay and my glaze formulations for the primary portions of my art pieces…sometimes adding wood, metal and found objects. The main portion of each piece is primarily a sculpted, high fire process.

Thank you to my customers and patrons for creating a path enabling me to reach out with something I love…the business of art.

From The Editor:

Carole Meier’s work ranges from decorative wall hangings, magnets, functional pottery, and whimsical desk figures, all created with clay. Themes range from water & nature, to spiritual themes like peace & angels, to the simple pleasures of everyday life like dogs & coffee. Her vast catalogue of handmade products display a refined and distinctive design style, as they should- Carole has certainly found her artistic groove over three decades in the business.

She often uses colors and design styles reminiscent of 90s pop culture. Deep teals & purples sit against neon greens and yellows. Raw clay is also incorporated in the color palette, and some objects like angels are left uncolored or singular colored. Her images are graphic and illustrative, incorporating spirals & chevron patterns and other styles representative of primitive art from the Southern Hemisphere. Whether it be typography, background patterns & accents, or figures & symbols, every piece is created with flawless organic composition.