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Since Harry completed his MFA in 1989, Wellman-Welsch Pottery has continued to show and sell their works at juried art fairs in the Midwest and the Southern United States, and have enjoyed being founding members of the Florida West Coast Ceramics Society.

We believe in making beautiful and functional pieces that encourage everyday use, and bring joy to their users. Our work is a true collaboration-one of us may start a piece, then the other will finish trimming. Later, the piece will be handed back (and forth) for glazing. Finally, there is the shared vigil of firing the kiln, and the pleasure of opening the kiln and sharing our hard work with others.

We also believe that form should follow function, and how a handle rests in your hand is as important as the vessel’s volume and craftsmanship. Most of our work is utilitarian, and we encourage their everyday use-our work is meant not only for the shelf, but to bring beauty to the user every time the piece is used at the table. Because of this, all of our glazes are lead-free, and our stoneware is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Each piece must be a dynamic thing that should either reflect the motion of the wheel, or have movement in the glazes. Our glazing patterns are reminiscent of landscapes or seascapes, and we generally use glazes in shades of blues, greens, lavenders and browns-all glazes developed by Harry.

We have a diverse range of influences, but most of our inspiration comes from organic forms, natural elements, and the environment around us. On larger, hand-built slab pieces, we often add bamboo, reed, cane, antler or rattan handles to complete the tactile experience. No matter the size or scope of the piece, we hope that you get as much pleasure from their use as we have making them.