Sheridan Waldrop

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As an avid birdwatcher, I have spent many hours over the years viewing birds in nearby forests, fields and marshes – more recently, in Alpena, Michigan where I live. I have translated this love of these winged beauties to my art: these bird portraits represent the variety of colors and earth tones, changing light, and varying moods felt when viewing fields, forests, and water – the natural habitat for various birds. Each painting is based upon my original photographs and field observations and represents a unique artistic interpretation of the subject matter.

My goal is to draw the viewer into a deeper appreciation of nature and birds through depicting them in acrylics and oils in a manner that captures their movements and habits, and the beauty of the areas surrounding Lake Huron and nearby woods. My paintings celebrate a reverence for nature, and how sunlight and atmosphere affect this subject: settings that range from reflections on an ice-covered marsh, the gold tones of evening light on a bird’s feathers, to the splash of warm daylight on the rocky shores of Lake Huron in north Michigan. This light inspires and moves me, and I want to share this light with others through my art.